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Our Founder

Hi. My name is Rickie Lynn Harris and I'm the founder of Queen's Haven Bounce Back Program. It is with great pleasure that I am able to serve my community by helping those who are at a disadvantage and at a loss of hope due to life's troubles. It was through my own experience of a "second chance" that I now can empower someone else to build their lives after the experience of pain and trauma.


Please continue to navigate our site and learn of the many of ways we strive to serve our community through the empowering and uplifting of women who have been incarcerated and are looking to turn their lives for the better. 

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About Queen's Haven Bounce Back Program

Queen's Haven Bounce Back Program is a 501 C3  Non profit organization whose sole purpose is to offer empowerment coaching and case management for formerly incarcerated women to aid in their successful transition back into society and prevent recidivism. We believe in using a holistic approach to services to help our women increase in self sufficiency while striving to become economically independent. 


Queen's Haven Bounce Back Program will use a combination of in-house and outsource services to local community based  providers in order to provide drug treatment education services, employment readiness, mental health services, and anger management, and parenting classes and other identified services to help our program participants become productive community members.


Queen's Haven Bounce Back Program has quality staff to provide the needed services for the empowerment of our program participants as our staff have either an education in mental health, community service or have personally overcome incarceration, substance use and more. The greatest asset to this organization is our Founder, Rickie Lynn Harris, who have successfully overcome addiction and homelessness. She have since then, dedicated her life to empower and aid community members to champion past their traumas and struggles. 

With Us

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