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Queen's Haven Recovery House


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. ~ Aesop

Incarcerated women are one of the most vulnerable groups in society who, upon entry into
prison exhibit a range of complex and inter-related health and social issues.
Formerly incarcerated women are characterized by significant histories of trauma, poor mental health, and high rates of substance use disorders (SUDs).
In efforts to address the health rush and high rates of recidivism in women due to the lack of continuity of care, the Queens Haven Bounce Back Program has made it a priority to be a change agent to step up and answer the call to serve our most vulnerable population whose underserved in the Justice system.

Queens Haven Bounce Back Program is a 501 C3 Non profit organization whose sole purpose is to offer housing, personal development coaching, case management and recovery services to formerly incarcerated women to aid in their successful transition back into society and prevent recidivism. We believe in using a holistic approach to services to help our women increase in self sufficiency while striving to live a transformed and sober lifestyle.

We are currently seeking financial partners and supporters to team with us in the mission to provide stable housing and recovery services for formerly incarcerated women, who would otherwise be at risk of reexperiencing sexual trauma, domestic violence, substance use and risk of being reincarnated.

With your financial support of any amount, you would be contributing to Queen Havens
Recovery House, a 12 bed residential program, purposed to provide :

- Stable transitional housing for formerly incarcerated women
- Mental health Wellness services
- Substantial use treatment support
- Family Reunification Planning
- Job readiness and Educational Support
- Medical Benefits enrollment
- And more!

Your tax deductible donation will allow vulnerable women to champion her recovery and strive
to transform into a thriving citizen who can integrate successfully into her community and reunite with her children and family!

Not only are we asking that you partner with us financially, but you may also want to partner with us with your time and resources!

We welcome monthly patrons to contribute to our donations list to provide monthly care
packages to help ensure the basic needs of our program participants receive the tools they need to thrive in their everyday life. Below are frequently used items that we welcome our supporters to donate to help ensure basic needs are met:

- Toilet paper
- Tooth brush and toothpaste
- Feminine hygiene products
- Women clothing, shoes, jackets
- Bedsheets , blankets and pillows
- Wash clothes and towels
- Laundry detergent
- Cans Goods and non perishable foods
- Body soap and deodorant
- Shampoo and conditioner
- Socks and underwear
- Trash bags
- House hold cleaning supplies

We thank you for your generosity and your desire to give!
Please feel free to contact us to become a regular supporter for this worthy cause.

Queens Haven Bounce Back Program
P.O. Box 5808, Vallejo, CA 94591
Founders Email:

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